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Page and module class suffixes

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The Journal Joomla template comes with a collection of page classes and module classes that are unique to this template as well as the core classes available in the Zen Grid Framework.


Core Framework Classes.

  • "border" creates a one px border with a 4px padding buffer around the element with this class applied.
  • "floatleft" floats the element to the left and delivers a 20px right and bottom margin to the element
  • "floatright" floats the element to the right and delivers a 20px left and bottom margin to the element.
  • "-panlemenu" creates the functionality of an accordion like panel menu for the standard Joomla menu module. See panel menu instructions for further details. 


Journal template specific module classes

-shadow When applied to a module this class generates the page effect for the entire module contents.


-none When applied to a module this classes removes all extra styling from the module.


Page Class Suffix

The page class suffix can be used int he same way that you would use the class suffix for modules except that it's applied to the entire page.

This template comes with the shadow suffix which separates the items in the blog layout or the item content on the item pages for both Joomla and K2.

The image below highlights the styling applied to K2 items in the category view with the shadow classes applied to the page. For information on how to apply the module class please view this tutorial.



The screenshot below highlights the styling applied to a K2 content item that has the shadow page class applied to it.



The same class can be applied to Joomla content items as well.

Last Updated on Dec262010
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