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Lets get Social

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The Journal template is built around some existing and one new Joomla Bamboo social networking modules plus the static social icons you can see on the top right corner of the page.


The jLastFm module is a new module to the Joomla Bamboo catalogue. It uses a jQuery script created by Jeroen Smeets that references your LastFM account and pulls the album covers of your Loved Track, Recent Tracks, Top Albums, albums played in the last 7 Days, last 3 Months, last 6 Months, last 12 Months and your overall history. You can also choose the number of album covers to display in the module.



The jTweet module is our very popular twitter module for Joomla that is regularly given five start reviews on the Joomla extensions directory. You can view more information on the jTweet product page.



jFlickr is an easy to use Joomla flicky gallery that uses jQuery to display images from your flickr feed based on a wide variety of options. You can read more about jFlickr on the Joomla Bamboo main site.

Social Icons

The social icons you see on the top right hand corner of this page are controlled via the Journal template. For more information please view the documentation on the social buttons.

Last Updated on Dec262010
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