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Zen Grid Framework Menu Options

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Version 1.1+ of the Zen Grid Framework has three built in menu options for displaying navigation on your site. These include the superfish menu, an accordion-like panel menu and the split menu.

Each of these options are powerful in their own right and their use really depends on how you want to implement navigation on your site.


The Superfish Menu

The superfish menu is a javascript enabled drop down menu that provides some smooth sliding effects for your horizontal top menu. You can choose between having the child items slide or fade into view and you are also able to control the speed (slow, normal, fast) in which the menu appears and how long (delay) the menu stays active after the cursor leaves.

This template also has a switch to determine the positioning of the dropdown menu depending on whether you are using a single or two line menu setup, that switch can be accessed via the superfish menu options in the template admin.

The Panel Menu

The panel menu behaves in a similar fashion to an accordion menu except that it allows you to have more than one group of child menu items displaying at the same time. The state of the menu eg which parents are active or set to open is also remembered across page views.


The Split Menu

The split menu basically functions the way that it sounds - it splits the menu up so that the child items are displayed in an area other than the main menu area. The framework has the ability to display a split menu in the left or right columns or below the main top menu. The parameters for the split menu are easily defined in the template > menu options. Please note that when the split menu is enabled it replaces the standard Joomla menu module position output.


The setup for all three of these options is essentially the same and involves creating parent and child menu items. The only difference is that the panel menu requires that all top leve parent menu items are separator type menu items while the superfish and split menu can be either a standard Joomla link or a separator.

A full run down of the instructions for setting up the menus can be found at the Zen Grid documentation page and this tutorial will show you how to create parent/child menu items in Joomla.

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