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Optimising Joomla

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The Zen Grid framework gives you control over a few of the automated and sometimes unneeded elements in the Joomla core output. Depending on how you are using your site the following options may be handy for optimising your site just that little bit further.


Remove Mootools from the core output:

In most cases you will need to leave mootools in, especially if you are using K2 or any other 3rd party component or extension that relies on this javascript library, but for those occasions where you want to slim down the javascript on your site and you dont need Mootools this option allows you to easily remove it. Disabling mootools in Joomla can save around 72kb in page load.


Remove Joomla metagenerator

metacontentThere are many ways to tell that a site is built with Joomla and one of them is the default Joomla metatag that gets output in a default installation. Some people prefer to remove this tag from their site's output as a way to further reduce exposure to potential hackers. This feature in and of itself will not reduce your site's vulnerable but it removes just one more potential way for a hacker to narrow an attack on your site.


Disable the tp=1 view

tp=1Adding ?tp=1 to the end of any Joomla url is a useful way to view the module positions available in the template. Simply add the string "?tp=1 at the end of any url and it will show you the module positions on that page. In some cases and perhaps once your site goes into production you may want to disable this feature and so the Zen Grid Framework has a toggle that allows you to remove displaying the module positions for the template.

Last Updated on Dec262010
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