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01Jul 2011

Shadows and Ribbons

Written by Administrator 

One of the striking features of the Newscycle template is the combination of shadow, gradient and ribbon elements that you can see on the front page of the demo site.


The template is designed in such a way that the gradient image will appear above the main content area, as well as modules assigned to the grid1 row (eg grid1, grid2, grid3, grid4), grid3 row (eg grid9, grid10, grid11, grid12) and the grid5 row (eg grid17, grid18, grid19, grid20).

This means that effectively at every second row of the grid modules when you publish a module to that row one of the shadow gradients will appear.

The ribbons are generated via the use of a module class which gives you maximum flexibility when it comes to deciding which areas of the page you want to highlight. All you need to do to apply the ribbon style to a module on the lefthand side of the page is apply the module class suffix -leftribbon to the module. While you can replicate the styling on the right side of the page by using the module class -rightribbon.

Frontpage example

As an example the front page of the Newscycle demo is set up using the following combination of modules.

Grid1 - A custom html module is positioned at the grid1 module position and it has the -leftribbon module class assigned to it.

Grid4 - A custom html module is assigned to grid4 and has some custom text using <blockquote> styling.

Grid5 - A Microblog module is published to the grid5 position.

As you can see from the screenshot above this formation of modules makes the page look as though the two rows of modules are a part of the same section on the page.

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01Jul 2011

Template Features

Written by Administrator 


The Newscycle Joomla Template is a bold and beautiful magazine / newsportal Joomla template that is the 2011 revisioning of our popular Newstream template. It comes with a plethora of colour options, some nifty elements like social icons, date elements plus the all of the features of the Zen Grid Framework Joomla Template.

Newsycle Template features at a glance.

  • Big slideshow, colourful ribbons and funky date styling..
  • Combine three elements to create your own colour scheme.
  • Unique K2 Joomla template.
  • Built on the Zen Grid Framework.
  • Joomla 1.5, Joomla 1.6 template and quickstart available.
  • Source PSD and PNG  included.

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30Jun 2011

Social Icons

Written by Administrator 

We last implemented social icons in the Journal template that we released in December 2010. The icons are wholly controlled via the template admin where you are able to select from a collection of handy and pretty social icons as well as personalise the link that gets applied to them.

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30Jun 2011

Displaying the date

Written by Administrator 

The Newscycle template has the option of displaying the date in the top1 position. You can see this in the screenshot above and of course at the top of the demo page. The date is enabled via a parameter in the template settings and there are eleven different date formats to choose from.

You can see the date formats available in the screenshot below.



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29Jun 2011

All Modules

Written by Administrator 

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