The slider module style is a group of modules assigned to the same position and given the zentabs module style in the module settings.

When there are more than one modules assigned to the same position and given the same zentab style the modules are displayed in a tabbed layout based on the core Bootstrap tab functionality. 



Click the titles below to view the contents of the module.


  • Thomas Ewing
  • Walter Brown
  • Julian Moorrow
  • Samantha Cook
  • Patrick Johnson
  • Enrico Padaritz

Company Info



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Visiting Hours

Monday: 10.30am - 5pm
Tuesday: 10.30am - 5pm
Wednesday: 10.30am - 5pm
Thursday: 10.30am - 5pm
Friday: 10.30am - 5pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: 2pm - 5pm

Need to talk to us

Phone: (03) 9486 8555
Fax: (03) 9486 8021


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