Template provides various menu options for desktop and mobile devices. All menu options are located within template settings. 

In order to use all features provided by T3 framework select navigation type -> Megamenu otherwise you won't be able to define dropdown animation or use advanced layout setting of Megamenu.

Starting with T3 version 1.3.0 is megamenu setting on standalone page accessible via template setting.

Megamenu allows:

  • group submenus where 2nd level menu item serves as header for 3rd level menu items
  • add icons to menu items (use FontAwesome icons, ex: icon-bug)
  • add menu item captions
  • add columns
  • add rows
  • add modules into specified row / column



Mobile menu setting

For tablets and mobile devices is possible to choose between dropdown mobile menu and offcanvas mobile menu (inspired by Facebook menu).

Mobile dropdown menu

Mobile offcanvas menu

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